TAFE Queensland в Австралии

TAFE Queensland в Австралии

TAFE Queensland в Австралии

Visiting TAFE Queensland Gold Coast Campus Part 1

In Australian Study Center (ASC) we take our job and advices we give you seriously. We visit schools we work with so we can see in our own eyes what they offer. Also, that allow us to give you firsthand knowledge and if you are not in Australia – you can visit campuses with us.
Tafe Queensland, is one of the largest schools in Australia with many campuses across state. Tafe gives you the best quality education with practical preparation, real work hands on experience, job placements and pathways to universities.
We have been working with TAFE QLD for over 15 years and we have 1200% satisfied clients.
When you plan to visit Australia, for short- or long-term study, sometimes it may be difficult to choose where to go, which school to choose etc. This is where we come handy. WE will help you find a right place in Australia, choose the school which meets your requirement. We will assist you in choosing course, enrolment process and student application visa.

If you have any questions or would like to book appointment, discuss your options, let us know. Simply book appointment which suits you best here.

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More about TAFE Queensland:

TAFE Квинсленд | Тур по автомобильным объектам

Interested on studying Automotive Mechanics?

Jennifer from TAFE Queensland invited EMSA to show us their automotive facilities and explain us why you should study there

Watch with us as Daniela Di Salvo takes a quick tour of their Acacia Ridge campus!


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